The expression …” the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” … holds the truth about a GRASSFED & GRASS-FINISHED cattle operation. 

At SP Cattle Co. our cattle are raised on a GRASS-FED & FINISHED program, with NO antibiotic use, and sustainable land practices. And it’s our beef that is retailed directly to Tango’s Meats on Denman St. in Vancouver. 

This program of Grass ONLY for the herd means that our “side of the fence” is in fact producing and nurturing a “greener” meat. GRASS is what the gut of a ruminant (ie.beef cattle) was & is solely intended to eat. The entire digestive system of these animals is enzyme-groomed to be grass-fed, and grass only. Grains, potatoes, and other feed sources used in the modern commercial cattle business are composed of such complex carbohydrates that the biome of the cattle’s gut cannot break them down. In most cases, this leads to the gut breaking down and the animals experiencing one or another form of illness/infection, thereby necessitating the interference of antibiotics! 

Healthy, clean, and “natural” beef meat products are the outcome of a GRASS-FED and GRASS-FINISH nurtured cattle. At TANGO’S MEATS, we seek to provide all our meat products from farming and ranching sources whose agricultural practice embraces natural-feed, & non-antibiotic interference: our superlative Pork is from Johnston’s and our tender flavorful chicken is from Kent’s Chicken Coop, both companies in the Fraser Valley. Our eggs are from the Rehoboth Farms in Cultus Lake, our cow & goat cheeses from Vancouver Island & Chilliwack.

OUR “side of the fence” at TANGO’S gives you GREENER, GRASS-FED quality products. Please come & visit us anytime, at 865 Denman St in Vancouver’s WestEnd, 7 days a week from 11 AM to 6 PM.

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