1. rub steak with Kosher salt & freshly ground black pepper, rubbing

deeply into the meat fibre

OR make a Homemade Steak Rub (Dry) such as the following (Credits
2 T’s each of black pepper, Kosher salt, & paprika
1 T’s each crushed red pepper flakes, coriander seeds, garlic powder
and onion powder
1 t. of cayenne pepper
***remainder can be kept in a glass jar in the fridge
2. rub steak with a light “bath” of Olive Oil to keep it from drying out
while coming to room temperature
3. let the entire steak come to room temperature (2 lb. steak, +/- 3
hrs.) on the countertop, covered with wrap
4. turn the BBQ on with a super hot side & a cool side. Sear the
steak for 2 mins. on each side on the super hot side, then move it to
the cooler side (& turn down the high heat). Using a MEAT
THERMOMETER, check interior of the steak for degree of
*RARE: 140 degrees F
*MEDIUM RARE: 150 degrees F
*MEDIUM: 160 degrees F
*WELL DONE: 170 degrees F
5. If it is frypan seared & then place into the oven, the same
temperature principles apply: super hot frypan for 2 mins. on each
side, and then into a medium oven (325 degrees) for the remainder.
Use a MEAT THERMOMETER as above.
6. Remove steak from BBQ/Oven, put a dob of butter on top & cover
with foil for 5 mins to allow it to “rest”

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