In a recent publication of the grass-fed and grass-finished ranchers most read the newspaper, The Stockman Grassfarmer, there was an article about direct-marketing grass-fed and grass-finished beef to potential customers. It featured a ranching operation in Charleston, Main. But it could have been written about SP Cattle Co. and Tango’s Meats in Vancouver.


It urged beef producers who are also retail selling their beef, to be extremely responsive to the buying public. “One of the things consumers expect in the year 2020 is sellers being very responsive. Their expectations are really high,” said the rancher from Maine. He urged Grassfed and Grass-finished ranchers, like those of us who supply Tango’s Meats, to look at the example of Amazon, and to mimic the experience of efficiency and rapid response. 

In fact, we at Tango’s have an online ordering page,, that is checked daily, even on weekends, where we are always ready to take your personal orders for special cuts of grass-fed & finished Galloway beef, the Freezer Pacs (4 different varieties) and answer any questions about the meats, the cooking & grilling, or reply with specific recipes! 

But the Stockman Grassfarmer article went on to mention “that one of the most important things customers are looking for is a trusted relationship with farmer/rancher who grows the food; that many people are very concerned about the quality of proteins and the welfare of animals whose meat is sold in supermarkets; and that people are desperate to find meat protein from trusted sources.” 

This story is duplicated exactly in the selling of our grass-fed & finished beef at Tangos’! 

It really is amazing how many MORE buyers are coming into Tango’s every day, with a very informed set of food values, who are tired & suspicious of the big box-store food chain and want to know who they can trust with providing healthy eating options, for themselves and their families. 

At Tango’s, the Owners of the store, who are onsite during the week serving the public, are also the ranchers of the grass-fed and grass-finished beef. Not only is the beef from a program of GRASS ONLY as a food source, no grains or other complex carbohydrate feeds, but also no antibiotic interference, no steroids or hormone enhancements …THE GRASSES ARE NOT SPRAYED, and the SOILS ARE NOT FORCE-FERTILIZED by chemical interference. 

SO come by Tango’s at 865 Denman, OR meet us online on the order page, and let us show you how we are geared to responding efficiently and speedily, and providing you quality meats from a trustworthy ranch producer. 

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