Grass-Fed Beef

“Our beef comes from our Ranch near Senlac, SK, from our Galloway-Angus cattle, ethically raised, that is we make a point of instructing those handling the cattle to “take it easy for heaven’s sake!” and keep well-fed and watered, is 100% grass-fed, which from an honest rancher means 100% grass-finished, and has NO antibiotics, NO hormones.”



Rib Eye

New York Striploin

Top Sirloin

more Beef


Prime Rib, Sirloin Tip, Inside and Outside Round, Chuck

Ground Beef

Specialty ground extra lean and regular grind Burger patties and meatballs

Other Cuts

Stew, Short Ribs, Flank, Skirt, Brisket, Kebobs, Organ Meats, Bones for broth



Breast, thighs, drums, wings, specialities of cordon bleu, stuffed breasts, marinated portions, BBQ whole chickens, kebobs


Artisanally-made by Stapleton’s

Freezer Packs

Five options of Freezer Pacs

Specialty Meats

Local. Sustainable. Well Sourced.

Wild Australian Camel (Halal), Cornish Game Hens, Crocodile, Foie Gras, Duck, Goose,  Kangaroo,  Ostrich, Pheasant, Quail, Rabbit, Venison- Elk, Deer, Free Range Wild Boar
(Special Order)


Local. Sustainable

Whole, Breast, Ground, Stuffed Roast


Local. Sustainable

Chops, Ground, Baby Back Ribs, Tenderloin, Porkloin Roasts, Stuffed Porkloin, Kabobs


Free Range. No Hormones. No Additives.

Chops, Ground, Butterflied Lamb Legs, Shank, Marinated Chops, Roasts, Kabobs


Canadian-only harvested from Coldfish Seafood, all frozen filets of Halibut, Salmon, Tuna, Sole and Salmon patties.


*All marinates and stuffings are made in-house. In-house roasted Grass-fed beef, pork, turkey, ham, meat loaf. Sliced bacons, salamis, hams, turkey, beef jerky and pepperoni sticks. Piper’s pies, Spanokopita, Samosa, Salads, Salsa, Dips and Condiments. Cheeses (local and imported), charcuterie plates and meat & cheese platters. Wide variety of dry goods.


Portuguese buns and breads, artisanally made with no added fat or sugar, no bleached flour.